The DualBlue system is a high class system which is developed for the heavy duty vehicles. Vehicles such as busses, trucks and vans can be converted, so the diesel can be blended with LPG. The DualBlue system reduces up to 35% of the diesel usage and replace it with LPG. 

Converting a vehicle with our DualBlue system is easy. Just as maintaining the system. The system is developed to blend the diesel with LPG so the usage of diesel decreases. This will save money on the fuel costs, as well as it saves CO2 and fineparticulars pullution. 

The system works well in all kinds of circumstances, the altitude isn't an influence on the prestation of the system. Also, tempratures and other weather. conditions aren't decreasing the prestation of the system. DualBlue is very reliable and can be fitted on to almost every heavy and medium duty vehicle. 

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Our DualFuel systems come with a standard warranty of 3 years, with a maximum of 250.000 Kilometres.


Fuel Cost Savings

Vialle is using its expertise and engineering resources to develop the best Alternative Fuel solutions for the transport and non-automotive industry. We offer a range of components to meet these challenges and to please our customer with tailor-made and cost effective solutions. Vialle offers a highly modified interactive Saving App, so the management at the home office has a live status overview of consumption and savings.


Heavy Duty trucks and buses account for about one-third of NOx emissions and one-quarter of PM emissions. In some cities, the contribution is even greater. The fine particles in diesel exhaust (known as particulate matter) pose serious health risks.  Diesel exhaust also has environmental impacts. PM from diesel engines contribute to visibility-restricting haze. In addition, diesel exhaust contributes to ozone formation, acid rain, and global climate change. The Dual-Fuel system makes it possible to convert diesel engines by replacing diesel with LPG, CNG or LNG. The Dual-Fuel system is installed beside the original motor management system, and in principle is suitable for all diesel engines (as from Euro 2/3). The key components of this alternative fuel system are all of OEM quality and specially designed for these applications. All components comply with the strictest regulations and certifications. The installation of the components is very easy due to the compact design of the components.  The dedicated diagnostic software is unique and enables fine tuning the Dual-Fuel system for optimal performance and emission reduction.  For the storage of the LPG, CNG or LNG there are different tank options available to fit the needs of your application.

The Diesel Engine

Diesel engines work on the principle of compression ignition. Air is first drawn into a cylinder where it is highly compressed – far more so than in a petrol/gasoline engine. It is this high ‘compression ratio’ that makes a diesel engine more efficient than its counterpart. Diesel fuel is injected into the cylinder at high pressure, near the point of maximum compression. The combination of diesel fuel, and heated compressed air within the cylinder, results in ignition. The fuel and air combination burns rapidly, increasing pressure and temperature, driving the piston back down the cylinder with great force.


The high class DualGreen system from Vialle is developed to let heavy and medium duty vehicles drive partially on CNG or LNG. With our DualGreen system you can decrease the the diesel usage with approximately 45%. This means that 45% of the diesel will be replaced with CNG or LNG. The system is very useful for companies which wants to reduce the fuel costs of their car fleet. When the vehicles in a company drive a lot of kilometres, it is very attractive to convert the car fleet and save money. 

Converting the vehicles on the DualGreen system is easy as well as maintaining the system. The DualGreen system is very reliable and not a subject to temprature, altitude, or other weather changes.

DualGreen is applicable on almost every vehicle. 

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This sudden release of energy generates the power of the engine. With a Vialle system there is no change to the basic architecture of the diesel engine – or to the principle of diesel combustion. The engine itself is virtually unaltered, but for the addition of a gas injection system and an externally fitted ECU. The Dual-Fuel in-cylinder temperatures and pressures remain within the limits of pure diesel operation, so the converted engine operates within the parameters of the original engine.

Natural Gas Injection

The injectors are controlled by pulse-width modulated signals from the ECU. The signals are based on manifold pressure, charge air temperature, gas pressure, gas temperature, and fuel mapping to provide the best combination of high efficiency and low emissions. All Dual-Fuel engines will run with either Compressed Natural Gas or Liquefied Natural Gas. Super-cooled LNG requires vacuum-insulated, low-pressure fuel tanks which take up less space than compressed CNG gas tanks. CNG tanks are three times larger than LNG tanks for the same basic fuel capacity. Either fuel delivers the same engine performance.

Natural Gas Quality

The quality and composition of natural gas is an issue for the transport industry. The presence of heavier gases, such as ethane and propane in the mix, can lead to combustion knock in the engine. If left unchecked, this phenomenon can lead to engine failure. Today, satisfactory gas composition cannot be assured as there are no national standards regulating gas quality. However, Vialle has developed a countermeasure to protect the engine from poorer quality gas. The system uses an engine-mounted knock-sensor, integrated into the electronic control system. If a combustion knock is detected, the system automatically adjusts the operating mode of the combustion, immediately preventing knock, thereby protecting the engine.

Vialle is always open and searching for new and innovative projects. We are able to be a valuable partner in search of the best solutions that provides the saving of fuel costs.