The DualBlue system is a high class system which is developed for the heavy duty vehicles. Vehicles such as busses, trucks and vans can be converted, so the diesel can be blended with LPG. The DualBlue system reduces up to 35% of the diesel usage and replace it with LPG. 

Converting a vehicle with our DualBlue system is easy. Just as maintaining the system. The system is developed to blend the diesel with LPG so the usage of diesel decreases. This will save money on the fuel costs, as well as it saves CO2 and fineparticulars pullution. 

The system works well in all kinds of circumstances, the altitude isn't an influence on the prestation of the system. Also, tempratures and other weather. conditions aren't decreasing the prestation of the system. DualBlue is very reliable and can be fitted on to almost every heavy and medium duty vehicle. 

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Our DualBlue systems comes with a standard warranty of 3 years, with a maximum of 250.000 Kilometres.