Frequently Asked Questions

As liquefied petroleum gas has a lower energy value per volume unit than petrol, the consumption when driving will be approximately 20% higher than the consumption you are used to from petrol. Ultimately, the extra consumption depends on the ratio of propane to butane of the liquefied petroleum gas you have refuelled with.

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is a combination of propane gas and butane gas. Liquefied petroleum gas is produced during the refining of oil and natural gas. In its natural state it is gaseous but it is stored, under pressure, as a liquid in the liquefied petroleum gas tank. It is an odourless gas, but to make it easier to identify an odour has been added to it.

No, it's not difficult at all to refuel autogas. Just be aware that per country you may need some different fill nipple. Just check here.

Short video with explaining to refuel autogas (in the Netherlands)

Yes, you can tank in other countries. However, you need an adapter. Please see the required adapters below. 

Liquefied petroleum gas is a safe fuel. Extremely high safety requirements must be met for its transport and storage. Independent inspection bodies have approved the liquefied petroleum gas system’s individual components. The Vialle LPi liquefied petroleum gas installations are installed exclusively by specialised companies that comply with strict standards. They have trained personnel and special tools that are required for installing and repairing Vialle LPi liquefied petroleum gas systems.

Driving a vehicle using a liquefied petroleum gas system is just as safe as driving using petrol or diesel. The system is equipped with various safety features and complies with strict legislation. The Ministry of Transport supervises the installation.

In most cases the LPG tank takes the place of the sparewheel. Therefor little to no loss of trunk space is applicable.

The Vialle LPi liquefied petroleum gas system is completely maintenance free. It is therefore not necessary to have the system serviced periodically.

With the Vialle LPi system there is no powerloss, because of its Liquid Injection Technology.