The high class DualGreen system from Vialle is developed to let heavy and medium duty vehicles drive partially on CNG or LNG. With our DualGreen system you can decrease the the diesel usage with approximately 45%. This means that 45% of the diesel will be replaced with CNG or LNG. The system is very useful for companies which wants to reduce the fuel costs of their car fleet or reduce their fleet emissions. When the vehicles in a company drive a lot of kilometres, it is very attractive to convert the car fleet and save money. 

Converting the vehicles on the DualGreen system is easy as well as maintaining the system. The DualGreen system is very reliable and not a subject to temprature, altitude, or other weather changes.

DualGreen is applicable on almost every heavy duty vehicle. 

Read the DualGreen brochure here. 

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Our DualGreen systems comes with a standard warranty of 3 years, with a maximum of 250.000 Kilometres.