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Volkswagen Polo 1.2 TSI

*Translated from Dutch

What make and type of car do you drive and what Vialle system is installed?
Since the end of 2019, I have been driving a 2010 Volkswagen Polo 1.2 TSI with the Vialle LPdi system.

From when was a Vialle system installed in your current car?
I estimate that it was in 2010, from the time it was rolled out of the factory, but you will know that better than I, since it was once the Vialle test car.

Have you driven any other cars with a Vialle system in the past?
A comrade of mine had a Volvo S60 with Vialle LPi (with the blue button) and was very satisfied with it.

What is your experience and opinion in general about driving on LPG?
I am very happy with my Polo, the LPdi system makes driving attractive at the pump (for 20 euros you get about 450km far). The exhaust stays clean (which is very different for TSI/GDI engines running on petrol!) and that in turn helps the engine wear (or limit it)! It is also great that the system starts on LPG (cold) so you never have to fill up with expensive gasoline!

I sometimes drive about 10-15km per 1000-2000km on petrol (130kmh) so that the car always starts well on LPG. This prevents all problems for me! So great driving!

What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of driving on LPG?
Advantages: you fill up for much less money, your engine stays clean (96% less particulate emissions with a TSI engine), you emit 10-15% less CO2 compared to gasoline, never waiting at the pump because only a few people drive economically on LPG.

Disadvantages? I can't really list them, but if there is one, it's that you can't fill up with LPG at unmanned stations, so you can't fill up everywhere at 2-3 in the night. Then again, that's not a problem, because even at highway stations, LPG is often still very affordable!

Would you recommend driving on autogas with a Vialle system to others and why?
Most certainly! I have saved almost 3000 euros in about 2 years. If I had not come across this car, I would have bought a similar one and had Vialle LPdi installed! It's always laugh-guy roar at the pump!

Furthermore, I have heard a lot about TSI (and other GDI) engines consuming oil, stretching chains etc. But the advantage of LPdi, is that the system keeps the engine free of soot, oil dilution etc, that in the long run it makes a huge difference in engine wear. With this Polo for example the chain is already in place for about 250.000km and I have never (knock on wood) had to add oil!

Explanation? LPG evaporates instantly, at any temperature. In the cylinder, gasoline tends to form droplets, droplets do not ignite so that produces soot. Soot fouls the oil-scraper springs with long-term oil consumption as a result. Furthermore, the gasoline mist can hit the cylinder wall prematurely, which washes away the oil film, also resulting in extra wear! LPG from the LPdi veins? That evaporates immediately and burns away nicely. Delicious!