Lake Baikal, the deepest and largest freshwater lake in the world, is located in the Siberian region of Russia just north of the Mongolian border. The 1700 meter deep lake is covered in ice up to 2 meter thick during the winter months and has proven the ideal place to demonstrate the uniqueness of VIALLE’s liquid phase LPG injection technology, for which cold conditions are no obstacle.

VIALLE’s newly appointed Russian importer “INNOVADIA” expected to break the existing speed record and demonstrate the excellent functioning of VIALLE’S LiquidSi in (extreme) cold conditions, to convince their Russian distributors. For the previous record, of 130 KM/H only, such extreme cold conditions were the limiting factor.

INNOVADIA and VIALLE smashed this record, driving a SUBARU VRX STI on LPG at -32 deg.C. at a record speed of 237 KM/H, which was officially registered by RAF (Russian Automobile Federation ) and The Russian Book of Records. VIALLE’s distinguishing technology, allows the LPG-system to perform excellently with superb drivability, in such cold weather conditions.

It was a joint project between SUBARU MOTORS and INNOVADIA and an immediate successful attempt, setting the world record of 237 KM/H in such weather conditions, enabled by a joint technology effort of SUBARU, INNOVADIA and VIALLE as well as the unique features of the LiquidSi technology.

VIALLE’s recently appointed importer INNOVADIA has contracted and trained 35 of the 150 potential candidates for a dealership, spread over 35 regions in Russia. This speed record is expected to support a fast growth and convince potential partners. Well known car producers and their suppliers experienced our successful attempt and were positively surprised about the ease of driving at such cold conditions.

INNOVADIA plans the distribution of several thousands of VIALLE systems in 2020 and a fast development in the coming years.
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