Liquid Propane Injection

Under influence of the continuous tightening of requirements of exhaust emission and fuel consumption. Automotive technology is currently very advanced. This is manifested in the downsizing of engine displacement where power must be augmented with the use of one or more turbos. In order to make use of this fuel in your car without problems that gas system typically face, in turbo or non-turbo cars. The Vialle Liquid Propane Injection (LPi) system is the smart choice.

Technology market leader

Vialle is a Dutch manufacturer and is world wide market and technical leader in the field of automotive autogas systems. After years of development and testing, Vialle has released an auto gas injection system which matches the performance of the highest quality petrol injection systems. The LPi system can be used with modern MPFI injection, lean burn or turbo engines and fully supports E-OBD features.The original cost-saving features of original systems are completely retained. Using this new technology, the LPG is no longer vaporized but is injected into the intake manifold as a liquid. The cooling effect of the vaporizing gas results in an improved volumetric efficiency and higher power output from the engine. Due to the reuse of the original gasoline computer in the vehicle, all the original characteristics of the car are retained and the car above all improves in environmental, friendliness and economics.

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As driver you will experience:

  • There is no noticeable difference between driving with gasoline or with autogas
  • That there is no power loss, which means the top speed of your car is not reduced
  • That the acceleration of the car is not reduced when using autogas
  • Just a quick check up of the system can remain with your original schedule for servicing
  • The system is not sensitive to fuel composition and ambient conditions such as temperature, humidity or altitude anymore


The LPi system works in much the same way as the gasoline system, as liquid fuel is circulated and pumped into the injectors. The system has a fuel tank with an integrated membrane pump. The pump increases the pressure in the system by 5 bar and pumps the liquid fuel to the pressure regulator. This component adjusts and controls the system pressure and also contains a solenoid valve which opens once the driver pushes the fuel selector switch and the engine operation on autogas. The fuel is then sent to the injectors positioned in the intake manifold. Excess fuel is returned via the pressure regulator back to the fuel tank. The autogas injectors are controlled by the autogas electronic controller (LPE). This unit uses the original signals from the vehicle's ECU and adapts these for the autogas injectors. All the original signals from the engine management and diagnostic systems remains intact this way.

LPi repaired pumps.

Vialle is aware that so-called repaired pumps are in circulation. These are broken pumps overhauled by third parties. Despite the fact that after repairing there is still the Vialle name on the pumps, we are not involved in any way or responsible for these practices. We do not support or condone this activity at all.



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