Alle testimonals

Peugeot 308 (Madrid, Spain)

Customer Experiences:

Name: Julian Muñoz Sanchez (Madrid, Spain)

Vehicle info:

Brand: Peugeot

Type: 308

Engine: 1.6 88 kw

Did you had any experience with Autogas before?

No, not had prior experience with autogas.

What point decide you to choose for Autogas?

Cost saving and environment.

How is your driving experience with Autogas?

Same experience as with petrol, without power reduction and with lower costs.

Was the Vialle system installed already, if not, where did you go, and where did you get the right information?

The system was installed with Talleres Dayre and the customer gets the information through the web site of the workshop.

Should you recommend other people to choose for the benefits of Autogas?

Absolutely, it’s a really good solution to save money and help the environment.

What do you experience as the biggest advantage of driving Autogas?

Duplicate the autonomy of the vehicle, enter in restricted areas of the city, tax benefits.

What should be better in future, such as more tank stations or government incentives?

Government incentives, they should give more support to convince/persuade more people to switch to autogas