LPG week 2020 started!


Today the LPG week started.
This week, the benefits of running on LPG are being discussed, all over the world.

Do you already know what the benefits are?
- LPG is cheaper than petrol or diesel
- Autogas is less harmful to the environment than petrol and diesel
- Many cars can be converted to LPG.
- Buses, trucks and other heavy duty vehicles can be converted on an LPG installation

Autogas is less harmful to the environment.
LPG has a much lower CO2 emission as well as the significantly reduced NOx emissions, soot and dust particles mean that LPG is seen as the cleanest fossil fuel in comparison with petrol and diesel.

Autogas reduces 21% CO2, 95% fine particles compared to petrol and 74% less nitrogen compared to diesel.


More information about the week of the LPG can be found here.


LPG week 2020 started!