Is driving LPG safe?


A lot of people are wondering if driving on LPG (GPL/autogas) is safe.

People think that driving on LPG is not safe because of the extra LPG tank in the car. some are afraid that this tank might explode. 

Every tank that is used in combination with our Vialle system has been tested with a so called bonfire test. This means that the tank is placed into a fire to built up the pressure in the tank. The purpose of this test is to be sure that the tank won't explode when the inside pressure is too high. 

The tank is placed in to the fire for a while. When the tank is in the fire, the inside pressure is built up. The LPG, which is in the tank, is trying to leave the tank. The so called PRV (pressure relieve valve) is going to let the LPG out of the tank, so the tank won't explode. This PRV is mandatory on every LPG tank. The PRV will let the LPG out of the tank untill the pressure in the tank is at a safe level. This means the tank won't explode when your car is on fire. 

So yes, driving LPG is safe!

Below you can see a video of the bonfire test. The PRV is doing his job and you will see a blowtorch. This is the LPG leaving the tank.