Innovadia, our partner in Russia

With this letter we inform that Innovadia has been cooperating with Vialle Autogas Systems BV since September 2019. Behind this time we have come a long way together: we signed a contract, participated in the largest European exhibition GasSuf, set a Russian record for NGV vehicles, certified all components, trained engineers, and are negotiating with several car factories on the creation of conveyor versions of dual-fuel models. In less than a year, several supplies of products have already been purchased and imported into Russia without any problems.

For all the time of cooperation, we promptly received the necessary technical and information support, quickly resolved all work issues. Vialle Autogas Systems BV specialists are always ready to provide the necessary assistance and answer all questions. Also, we did not have financial, legal or any other problems with our Dutch partners.

We are grateful to Vialle for their cooperation and look forward to a long-term mutually beneficial relationship.

With the best regards, General Director
Aleksandr Kravtsov



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