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Dodge Ram 1500

*translated from Dutch

Type of car and system

I drive a 2021 Dodge Ram 1500 with a Vapor Blue system from Vialle installed (date installed 02-08-2021). The Vapor Blue system is a high class evaporator system developed specifically for very high power cars.

Experience and opinion about driving on LPG

This is the first time I have had an LPG system installed in my car. I am very positive about the comfort and handling of the car. The car drives fantastic and it is of course very interesting from a price point of view.

Advantages and disadvantages of LPG

I have nothing but praise for driving with LPG. Of course the tank takes up some space, but this does not outweigh the reduction in costs after refueling. In addition, LPG is many times better for the environment than gasoline or diesel. Moreover, diesel cars are often not allowed to drive through environmental zones in Germany and Belgium, but with LPG on the other hand, they can.

Would you recommend Vialle autogas systems to others?

Yes, absolutely! It drives incredibly well, it is better for the environment and you save a lot of money.