Our clients

The OEM market is based on direct and indirect collaboration with vehicle manufacturers such as DAF, Ford, Volkswagen, Fiat, Renault, Hyundai, Kia and Maruti-Suzuki.

Vialle supplies the OEM market with its Alternative Fuel systems and components for the vehicle manufacturers to install themselves in their own production models.

Vehicle manufacturers have high and specific demands, making it essential that Vialle products employ only the highest quality products and quality systems.





Subaru Tsjechië Importeur
Subaru Verenigd Koninkrijk Importeur
Chevrolet België Importeur
Saab Nederland Importeur
Chevrolet Nederland Importeur
Skoda Nederland Importeur
Kia Nederland Importeur
Seat Nederland Importeur
Hyundai Nederland Importeur
Ssang Yong Nederland Importeur
Mitsubishi Nederland Importeur
Mitsubishi Portugal Importeur
Chrysler Duitsland Importeur
Volkswagen China OEM
Kia Korea OEM
Hyundai Korea OEM
Maruti India OEM
Ford Australië OEM