Vialle Autogas Systems B.V. is the technical leader in the field of development and production of alternative fuel systems for automotive applications. Vialle is a global player in the application of Autogas and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Diesel/LPG fumigation for heavy vehicles, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Dimethyl Ether (DME) solutions.

Since its start in 1967, the Dutch company Vialle has built a prominent global position with its innovative and reliable LPG systems produced and distributed worldwide to car manufacturers and trained conversion specialists.

LPi system ("liquid phase LPG injection technology"), used extensively in passenger cars, is just one of Vialle's revolutionary products.

The LPi system technology distinguished itself through excellent performance, no maintenance requirements and impeccable reliability. This patented LPi-technology has been applied successfully for over 20 years. Vialle continuously monitors new developments in the automotive industry to optimize their technology to offer customers 'state of the art' LPG systems. The LPi technology formed the basis for Vialle's product program.

 Vialle develops, produces and distributes its products meeting the European quality standards and safety regulations. Vialle is ISO-9001 certified, distributes components compliant under the R67-01 regulation and LPG-systems for all car brands are compliant with the EU-R115 regulation. Vialle also distributes directly to car manufacturers meeting their stringent quality standards.

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