Converting car fleets on LPG

Vialle is an international partner for converting your car fleet on LPG, CNG or LNG. The Vialle systems are from a very high quality. For the specific details of each system, please see all our systems on the right side of this page.

By converting your car fleet on LPG, your fleet will immediately become better for the environment. Driving on LPG will help you to reduce 21% of the CO2 emissions, 95% of the particles matter in relation to petrol and 74% nitrogen in relation to diesel.

Converting your fleet on CNG or LNG is also better for the environment.


Save fuel costs with converting your car fleet

Converting your fleet is not only better for the environment. When you convert your fleet on LPG, you can reduce your fuel costs of your fleet by driving 100% on LPG. LPG is not only cleaner but also much cheaper than gasoline!

Using CNG or LNG for the conversion of your car fleet makes it possible to reduce the diesel usage with approximately 45% and replace it with the much cheaper and cleaner CNG or LNG fuel.

Our LPG systems are also compatible with hybrid car solutions which are driving on gasoline as well as on electricity. This makes it possible to drive on electricity and when the battery is running low, you can change to LPG, which is always cheaper and cleaner than gasoline!



Are you curious with which OEM’s we have cooperated? Please see this link. Our Russian partner even wrote a testimonail, which you can find here.

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